CBD Cream for Pain – Everything You Need to Know About & Where to Buy It.

It is safe to say that none of us want to experience aches and pains daily, or at all, for that matter, but unfortunately, we all must deal with them at some point or another. Some individuals may obtain occasional sports injury, while others must deal with chronic conditions where debilitating pain is a side effect.

When pain stops you from being able to enjoy your life, participate in your favorite hobbies, or spend time with your friends and family, a solution with little to no side effects is needed. Let’s look at what and how CBD cream for pain can help you and a brief look at one of the top brands to purchase.

How Is CBD-Infused Cream Created and What Are the Ingredients?


Also known as an ointment, the creation process starts with choosing high-quality cannabis flowers, usually organic hemp from a manufacturer that does not treat their plants with pesticides or herbicides. Once the plants have gone through the maturing process, they are harvested and put through one of the following extraction methods.


1) Extraction with Liquid Solvent. This is the least expensive option for extracting the CBD from the hemp plants and is relatively quick and easy to do. However, it uses solvents like ethanol, alcohol, and butane which can be dangerous because they are highly flammable. Unfortunately, this method also destroys the plant waxes which then do not get transferred into the oil that is extracted; losing numerous benefits in the process.


2) Extraction with Olive Oil. This is a relatively inexpensive option and is a much safer option than solvent extraction. However, a lot of commercial CBD producers do not use this method as the olive oil is perishable and therefore, must be kept in a dark, cool place. The raw hemp plant is heated to a specific temperature for the chemicals to become active, then the plant material is added to the olive oil and heated again to extract the cannabinoids. Users who buy creams that have used this process must use larger quantities, as the oil is not as concentrated as other methods.


3) Extraction with CO2. While this method is a lot more expensive and complicated, it has numerous benefits for the consumer. It uses a closed-loop extractor that has three compartments that hold pressurized CO2 (dry ice), dried hemp plant material, and the finished product. During the process, you can carefully adjust both the temperature and pressure, so that you can isolate the specific cannabinoids that you want; in the case of cream, the CBD cannabinoids.


Once the CBD is removed through one of the above extraction methods, the oil is then blended with beneficial and soothing botanicals like lemongrass, arnica, tea tree oil, Aloe Vera, and menthol to create the best CBD cream for pain. When you look at the ingredient list, you are going to see mostly natural ingredients such as purified water, cannabis Sativa seed oil, flower extracts, and essential oils. You will see some ingredients that have chemical-sounding and looking names, but most of these are organic compounds that are being used to help the CBD become absorbed into the top layer of the skin.



How Does CBD-Infused Cream Relieve Pain?


Although there are still ongoing studies concerning the legitimacy of the benefits of CBD when applied topically, it theoretically stands as an effective pain reliever when absorbed by the body. Like other pain relievers, it works by simply dulling pain receptors, reducing inflammation and generating heat, resulting in reduced pain and sensitivity. To be more specific, it starts by increasing the release of endocannabinoids in the body, which hinders the metabolism’s ability to tell your brain that your body is in pain. Secondly, it inhibits the release of inflammatory mediators in the body, resulting in the reduction of inflammation while still allowing your body to heal. Finally, it hyperactivates the receptors in your body that control your temperature, causing an increase and resulting in the numbing of nearby pain receptors and dulling pain further.


Who Can Benefit from CBD Cream for Pain & What Type of Pain Can It Treat?

While the best CBD cream for pain is going to benefit those who require regular pain relief due to chronic or debilitating conditions, almost everyone can benefit from using CBD-infused cream in one way or another.


Why Is It a Valuable Treatment Option?

It is particularly valuable for individuals who cannot or choose not to take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Advil, Tylenol, and Ibuprofen. These NSAIDs, while fantastic for providing pain relief, increase one’s risk for acute renal failure, strokes, myocardial infarctions, and peptic ulcers, especially in those who are older or are using them on a regular basis. With this said, here are some pain categories that CBD cream has been shown to help with.

 Chronic Pain,


● Daily aches and pains like stiff necks, and minor injuries for falls. For instance, CBD cream for back pain is a common treatment plan for those who have chronic conditions causing back pain or for those who fall a lot.

● Sports injuries or discomfort from playing a lot of sports in a short period of time. Athletes tend to get sore muscles frequently as does anyone doing any type of intense physical activity such as weight training, long-distance running, and contact sports. CBD cream for back pain, deep-tissue pain, and skin irritations can be a great way to get some relief.

● Skin issues or conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and rashes.

● Sore joints or muscles from stress and tension. While you may not necessarily be aware of it, the daily stresses of the day get held within our muscles. For some, it can be in your shoulders, for others along the spine, and for some it could be in your neck. Pinpointing these areas and using CBD cream for back pain, can be a great way to help your body release the stress and free up those muscles. Common trigger points for pain include the soles of your feet, the elbows, the temples, wrists, and your knees, neck, and shoulders.

 CBD cream for pain

Are There Any Side Effects of Using CBD-Infused Cream for Pain?


One of the major reasons why CBD-infused cream is so effective at managing pain and why it is so popular as a result is the fact that it has little to no harmful or negative side effects. This makes it a safe treatment plan for anyone who needs pain management daily, plus, it is non-addictive and users generally do not build up a tolerance to it.


The only way that you would have any type of side effect at all is if you have very sensitive skin that is easily irritated, even by natural or organic compounds. If you are allergic to beeswax, olive oil, or Vitamin oils, you may run into some problems using a cream that has these listed as their ingredients. If you were to ingest the cream, it would result in dry mouth which is a minor side effect, and unlikely as ingesting the cream is not really something you would likely do (there are oils for that!).


It is important that you do consult with a doctor before using CBD-infused creams, especially if you are taking other medications for issues with hormones, as CBD does have an effect on one’s hormone levels. If you are taking other medications and use a CBD cream for pain, please watch out for symptoms like weight changes, extreme tiredness, and diarrhea, as these could indicate that the cream is interfering with your other medications.


CTFO CBD Ultimate Deep Healing Cream

A Brief Look at One of the Best CBD Cream for Pain Brands

The company, CTFO is behind the CBD Ultimate Deep Healing Pain Cream with Emu Oil. This particular product contains 500mg of CBD within it to help penetrate the toughest of aches and pains for those who suffer from debilitating conditions. It is combined with Emu oil as a carrier oil, which contains anti-inflammatory properties from its fatty acids. This can help reduce pain, reduce swelling, and even moisturize the skin. It can be used for ongoing relief, can be applied to areas that are experiencing tension and pain, and can be used as needed on problem areas.

Early research has shown that emu oil works well in reducing joint pain caused by drugs that are used to treat breast cancer and when applied to the skin after radiation therapy, can help prevent skin damage from cancer treatments. Get It  Here

CTFO sources all their hemp from Industrial Hemp farms that produce Non-GMO hemp. The hemp is never treated with pesticides and is put through a CO2 extraction and crystal precipitation process in order to isolate the highest-grade of cannabinoids possible. All CBD cream for pain that is purchased through the company’s brand is a full spectrum product, water-soluble, and anti-bacterial.

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