Can CBD Oil really help with Weight Loss?

CBD Oil for weight loss With 80,000 British doctors now licensed to prescribe it, many of the restrictions on medicinal cannabis are going up in smoke. At last, cutting-edge research is beginning to unroll its true potential for your health, but researchers are still grinding down to ascertain which of the 113 cannabinoids in marijuana are the most beneficial. Click Here – Buy CBD Oil Today

One such cannabinoid, the compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), has a well-documented effect on your appetite: the munchies, which compels stoners to scoff down anything edible within arm’s reach. But not all cannabinoids will cause your fat-burning ambitions to flame out. One recent study has linked cannabidiol (CBD), now blazing trails through the wellness industry, to healthy weight loss.

CBD Oil for weight loss

The research, published in the journal Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, linked cannabidiol to three causes of “fat browning”, which turns the dangerous white fat associated with obesity and diabetes into hard-working brown fat cells. These actively aid weight loss by burning extra calories through thermogenesis, your body’s heat-production process. 

What’s more, CBD reduces the expression of proteins involved in creating new fat cells, and it boosts the number of mitochondria in your brown fat cells. This could further increase their fat-stripping power, the scientists suggest. Not all wellness trends hold water (we’re looking at you, Gwyneth), but if you’re in the market for faster fat loss, it’s high time you invested, man.

Weed out the Fake News

The CBD market could be worth £1.6bn by 2022. But is the holistic hype legit?

A study in Molecular Neurobiology found that CBD could ease depression in a day. Commercial antidepressants typically take a fortnight. 

Nearly 70 per cent of cannabidiol extracts sold online in 2017 were mislabelled in terms of ingredients and dosage, according to a report published in Jama. CTFO offering 100% U.S. grown CBD products to the world

Turn over a New Leaf

A United Patients Alliance survey found that users were helped with their inflammation and pain after using CBD products.

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  1. TMI but I took cbd oil and worked out today. And I was finally able to use the bathroom so everything decided to start working again

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