Inside look at how CBD oil is made

making CBD oil

It was recently National CBD Day, which recognizes the hemp-derived supplement that many folks use daily for self-care .
But before it hits the shelves, there’s an extensive process to grow hemp and extract the oil.
Veritas Farms in Pueblo controls all of its hemp plant growing, and CBD oil extracting, manufacturing, and bottling.
About 38,000 plants can be found on 140-acre property.
“We’re expecting around 70,000 pounds of dried hemp plant,” said Spencer Fuller, VP of Agriculture at Veritas Farms.
They’re all clones of one plant, which they do to ensure quality.
“We want to provide customers with the most consistent, full-spectrum hemp that we possibly could,” he explained.”So by doing clones, it gives us the chance to have the exact same CBD ratios all through our field.”
It takes about six months for the process to go from the field to the production center, where – after being tested several times for imperfections – the CBD oil finally ends up in different products.
There’s tinctures, which are drops taken orally, and salves, which are topical ointments.
Employees say their products are popular for their pain-relieving qualities.
“CBD is known for an anti-inflammatory so it’s great on different parts of the bodies,” said Rianna Meyer, VP of Operations at Veritas Farms.
“They have been utilizing it for you know, arthritis, aches and pains and things of that nature.”
Industrial hemp or CTFO CBD became federally legalized with the passing of the Farm Bill in December of 2018.
You can now buy these products online here CBD Oil Products.


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