Is CTFO CBD Oil A Scam

What is CTFO… Is it a Scam?

CTFO is a legitimate business! How do I know? Because I personally make money from the opportunity! It’s simple, I was super skeptical at first when I was introduced to the business of CBD Oil. With all the uncertainty at the beginning it seemed like a little bit of a risk but let me tell you that now all the kinks have been smoothed out I’m super glad I joined the gravy train. You can join for free but it is highly recommend to pay the low monthly product purchase to open up the whole pay plan… more on that later. It’s actually so low it’s scary!

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So, what kind of Compensation is Paid out?

CTFO is a multi level marketing business. Don’t be afraid it is free to join. If you don’t want to buy any products yourself, you never have to. You will still earn a 20% commission on whatever your personally signed up associates buy. On the other hand, I myself signed up to buy and use the best CBD Oil on the market. So, I will make 20% from my personal associates and I will also make at least 4% from whoever they sign up and this continues very deep into the matrix levels.

• Associate

• First Level Manager

• Second Level Manager

• Senior Manager

• Executive Manager + 5k, 10k, 15k

• Vice President

• Four Levels of Presidential Director.

• The Final Level is Top Gun.

Including throughout all the levels is regenerating matrix pay and once you reach the higher levels you get paid infinity bonus pay!

Watch our amazing pay plan video

How Do I Make Money?

There are probably 1001 ways to promote and make money with CTFO but below I will share my personal methods and how to collect commissions.

Free Methods!

Craigslist has a couple of FREE options, some areas of the website allows for free ad posting but it does have a high rate of flagging and removal of ads. I prefer to pay for my ads on Craigslist but more about that later! Another free option on Craigslist list which does get some turnover of new associates into your business is the Resume or CV areas. It’s simple really, select a city and visit the Resume area and submit your CTFO opportunity to the ads/resumes posted(I have personally spent a couple of days checking every city in the UK,USA, Canada!) which did pay off for the hour or so each day, as I got at least 15-20 new associates this way. 

Facebook Groups

This is another great way to get FREE associates, simply search on Facebook “work from home” then select groups and join as many as you can! Once your able to post in these groups do so with your CTFO Opportunity. To build some momentum post in all the groups you join at least once a day, aim for 3 times a day… Morning, Noon and Night for best results! Again this is a very successful way to gain new associates into your business for FREE!

Other Social Media

Instagram and Twitter are another good way of recruiting new associates, little slower but still worth the effort! As with all social media accounts you may have, always post your link on your bio and or profile. Use the search box on said platforms and search CBD, HEMP, CBD OILS etc and follow as many pages and profiles as you. The more you follow the more you’ll start to see following you, this is when you private message every new follower, like or commenter a quick message introducing yourself and the CBD CTFO Business. It’s surprising how many associates you can get this way. If you get real lucky you can recruit other MLM associates with experience looking to start another source of income. 

The 25 List

We have the 25 List, but let’s be honest.. Who is really comfortable doing this? I have done it in the past numerous times with some good success, but it’s honestly awkward. What I have since learned is that if you follow the 1 post a day for 5 days post schedule then any friends that could potentially make it on to your 25 list if interested will reach out to you anyway. But if you are comfortable doing the 25 list of friends and family then by all means do so. You’ll be surprised!

Free Classified Ads

There are 1000’s of free classified ad websites on the internet. It’s simple really, google search Free Classified Ads, register and post your free ads. I always try to sign up for one new website each day, not always possible so try and get at least one a week.

Also post your links and opportunities here on this website, great little hidden gem for network marketers




As mentioned above is good for free methods but to really excel your downline with new associates I really do suggest paid ads! Pick what city you want to advertise in, select gigs, computer gigs… Posting in this category works really well, firstly it’s not really expensive – $3-$10 depending on city etc. Plus this seems to be the area people looking for opportunities like this. I can honestly say I’ve recruited at least 200+ with this method in the last 2 months. But I did post in every major city in the US and Canada that allowed paid ads in the cities

Google, Bing, Yahoo PPC

PPC, Paid Pet Click ads can and are expensive, I really only suggest this method if you can budget for it. It does work really well with a $20 a day budget you can expect to see 5-10 new associates through the month. 


Is a safe list which basically means that all the members signed up have agreed to receive emails. It has 3 options, Free, Pro and Gold. I highly recommend the Gold subscription (blast your ad via email to over 80k people every day! The free account you can only send out 1000 every other day)

Use this link above to save $5!

It’s an amazing opportunity to run your business basically on autopilot!

PC Marketing System

ONLY look at the PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNT. The Basic Account does NOT have any of the CTFO Exclusive Enhancements like CTFO/CBD Autoresponder messages, CTFO/CBD Landing Pages, CTFO/CBD one touch emails, ect.

This System will:


Present Your Opportunity

Automates Follow Up

Organizes Contacts

Tracks Activity

Boosts Sales & Growth

So Much More !!!!!!

Sign Up Here


There is loads of paid and free methods, I could introduce but these are the ones that I personally have had great success with! My Building The Dream Team has currently just broke the 1600+ associates by using all these methods above!!

For promoting the opportunity and products, I try to set aside 1-2 hours each day – minimum!

If you need help with any of these methods or would like some ad or post templates please ask! 

Wednesday is PAY DAY !!!

Directions to View Your Commissions:
– Log into your back office
– Left hand scroll bar click on “Commissions Summary””
CTFO has chosen Global Payroll Gateway (GPG) to provide commission processing and payments worldwide. This is the fastest and most convenient way to pay members. This is also another FREE service CTFO offers
This system allows CTFO Associates to transfer their commissions to:
– Local Bank Accounts in 70+ countries (We will be bringing CBD to the World soon)
– Reloadable Visa, MasterCard or AMEX Paycards
– Visa or MasterCard Credit Cards or Debit Cards
After you make your first commission you simply need to set up your GPG account. Remember, AFTER !
Directions to Activate you GBG Account
– Log into your back office
– Left hand scroll bar click on “Get Commissions”
– Follow the easy directions
The first time you access your GPG Account, you will be prompted to complete a simple Activation Form
1. CTFO will place your commissions into your GPG Account each Wednesday.
2. You can access your GPG Account securely in your CTFO back office
3 Log into your GPG Account and transfer your commissions to your local Bank Account, Paycard, Credit/Debit Card
Two Important Comments:
1) If you have questions how to set up your GBG account call their GPG Customer Service at 1-855-342-5474. Please note this is NOT CTFO Customer Service.
2) When you set up your GBG account, make sure to have the system send you a text message to your cell phone each time you get paid !!!!!

Benefits of Using CTFO Products!


It is honestly the best way to promote your products. It is really helpful to use as least one product on your list, so you can give an honest example of what you are promoting. Posting selfies with product in hand or shot really helps… Trust me!

I use CBD Oil every day. I was looking for a CBD Oil to help with my ankle pain. There is a lot out there and I didn’t know of any brands. I found CTFO through my own research. They have a 60-day empty bottle money back guarantee. They use U.S.A. grown hemp, and process it in the U.S.A. The extraction process uses CO2, instead of harmful chemicals. All of their products are 3rd party lab tested, and manufactured in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) facility.

CTFO have what they say they have in each and every bottle or product they sell. You can be confident the products you will be promoting are of the highest quality, if you choose CTFO.

What Products Do CTFO Offer?

CTFO offers the best CBD Oil products available. List of CTFO products

We offer:

  • CBD Oil
  • CBDA Oil
  • CBD Vape Oil
  • CBD Gummies
  • CBD Hair Growth Products
  • CBD Pain Creams
  • CBD Pet Products
  • CBD Skin Products
  • Non CBD Skin Products
  • Non CBD Weight Loss Products
  • CBD Bath Bombs
  • More Products Launching Soon

What Are You Waiting For?

Start your own business for FREE today. That’s right, with CTFO you get a turn key CBD business without paying a dime!

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