8 Rookie Mistakes When Starting Network Marketing

8 Rookie Mistakes When Starting Network Marketing

For newcomers to CTFO & the network marketing industry, starting off right will set the tone for your business. Many people quit if their results don’t meet their expectations, mostly due to how they began.

THIS IS A MARATHON, NOT A SPRINT. This will help you from falling into the trap of the 8 Rookie Mistakes When Starting Network Marketing.

Mistake #1: Having No Business Strategy

This is a business, similar if you were running a franchise or a storefront, you need to know how you’ll generate new enrollments to stay in the game. Of course, ONLINE VISITORS are a great way. Spend a couple focused hours designing your business strategy. Begin by asking yourself these questions: How many enrollments do I need per week to meet my monthly goals? How many hours can I dedicate to my business daily to share the CTFO Products & Opportunity with others?


Mistake #2: Thinking Your Friends and Family Will Work in Your Business

The first people we feel most comfortable to talk to about our new business and products are friends and family. We also know they will rarely say no! Especially since they can sign up for FREE in CTFO and help you create PayPoints. Sponsoring them is great and hopefully they will find value in the products and continue ordering, but don’t expect them to build a business. Keep it light so you’re not dodged at Thanksgiving.


Mistake #3: Thinking Customers Will Build Your Business

Your network marketing business requires a steady stream of customers and these customer orders are a vital part of generating residual income. When you’re making the sale, decipher whether this person is only interested in the purchase or also becoming a rep for the company. How do you know? Ask questions and get to know what they’re looking for.


Mistake #4: Talking Too Much

I’ve seen this many times and it’s painful to watch. A distributor explains way too much to their prospect and it kills the enrollment. You may be thinking you’re educating and helping them, but giving more info than they can handle will leave them confused rather than excited. If someone is interested in your business or product, give them a short, simple and to the point explanation, then tell them how to purchase. My rule of thumb is listen more and talk less. Let the tools do the work for you. CTFO offers incredible videos and marketing sites that do the explaining for you.


Mistake #5: Not being a Product of the Product

Experiencing the amazing health benefits are priceless. When you have belief in th product, it is easy to share with others. Every members of CTFO shouldbe taking SUPER7 daily


Mistake #6: Treating It Like a Hobby

Let’s get down to business…if in fact you are in business. As we know, anyone can join this industry with very little invested. Most people quit because of their “hobby commitment” which gives them “hobby results.” When you treat your business seriously with the utmost commitment and care, you will likely see great results that continue to increase. It doesn’t matter if you are working one-hour or ten hours per day, that time and attention must be done right.


Mistake #7: Expecting Your Up-Line to Build Your Business

I hear this constantly, “my business isn’t growing because my up-line quit” or “my up-line isn’t sponsoring under me.” The most successful people in network marketing find ways to succeed no matter what. Creating results is 100% your responsibility. If you expect your up-line to build your business for you, then you’ll most likely struggle in the business.


Mistake #8: Not being on Autoship

First, you get a DISCOUNT for being on autoshp. You can also cancel anytime. SO there is no risk. To truly experience the health benefits of CTFO products, you need to take them daily and consistently. To build a life time of residual income it can take 3-5 years. But to do so, you want an organization of members and customers on autoship. If you are not on autoship yet, do so TODAY !

Affiliate Disclosure: I am an affiliate of products promoted on this blog and I may earn a commission if you buy something. Thanks!

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